Introducing The Photo Reflection Journal

The first-ever intention setting and reflection tool available for photographers.

A photographer’s guide to thinking intentionally before and after sessions to create a better experience for the client and improve skills for success.

Set Intentions

Thought provoking prompts will guide you to show up intentional and be present at your photography sessions or events.


Once the photography job is complete, reflect on how it went, from client experience, to conflicts & wins, to editing and beyond.

Achieve Goals

Determine your business and personal core values, then align them with your goals. Mindful questions guide you through setting meaningful goals you'll actually follow through on.

Conquer Limiting Beliefs

What limiting beliefs are holding you back from becoming a better photographer? Identify limiting beliefs and determine your plan for shattering them.

Use the Photo Reflection Journal every job to:

• Stop showing up to sessions unprepared and frazzled

• Be present at the session and show the clients you care

• Anticipate conflicts and quickly create resolutions

• Plan creative image compositions beyond your tried & true shots

• Recognize toxic patterns that impede your growth

• Make a plan to fix the patterns and mistakes

• Improve technical skills quicker than before using the journal

• You’ll never feel so prepared, present and creative during your photography jobs!

Product Specs: 110 pages. 8.5”x11” legal size only. Enough pages for 50 photography jobs. Beautiful, full color, soft cover - perfect for tossing in your camera bag.

Preview Pages

Featuring Pre-Session Intention Setting


Post-Session Reflection Pages

Start each session with a clear, creative mind using the Pre-Session pages. The thought provoking prompts will have you thinking intentionally about what’s to come.

Prompts include Client Notes for connections and stories related to the client and Location Notes to help when scouting. Further prompts include aligning your business values with how you'll show up to a job, preparing for conflicts, improvement of skills and creative image composition.

When the photography is done but the job is still fresh in your mind, complete the Post-Session page.

Prompts include notes of appreciation & stories from the session and reflection on your presence level. Jot down any conflicts that arose, skills you worked on and the experience you provided the client. Finally, rate your work as you edit to pinpoint skills for improvement.

Hello! I'm Jen, and I'm so glad you are here.

Around three years ago, my life blew up, both personally and professionally. I hit rock bottom and decided it was time to take better care of myself.

I dove into all things personal development. Every day, I answered a set of intention setting questions in the morning and reflection questions in the evening. Over time, I saw improvements in presence, confidence and contentment.

The practice has persevered because it works. Three years ago, I was floating through life with no direction. Today, I'm self-aware and most importantly, I have a path.

It got me thinking, if the practice could work to improve my life, it can also help with photography. The Photo Reflection Journal was designed with that in mind.

As a 12+ year professional photographer, I am still constantly trying to improve. Over the last year, I've thought more intentionally about each and every photo job. It's been eye-opening to discover the patterns I fall into and the mistakes I make over and over.

With the Photo Reflection Journal, I have a plan to improve my photography skills, the client experience I offer, the limiting beliefs I'll shatter and the goals I'll strive for.

I can't wait for you to do the same.

Who is the Photo Reflection Journal for?

Photographers of all skill-levels who value personal development in work and life.

New photographers who seek guidance in how to succeed at photography jobs.

Photographers who find themselves making the same mistakes job after job.

1 ColumnPhotographers who want to provide a better client experience.

Photographers who strive to be present at sessions.

Photographers looking to improve skills and creative drive.

All photographers who work with clients!

Photo Reflection Journal Features:

Pre-Session Gear Prep Page

Pre-Session Process Prep Page

Goal Setting Pages

Limiting Belief Pages

Pre-Session Intention Setting & Post-Session Reflection Pages (enough for 50 jobs!)

Product Specs: 105 pages. 8.5”x11” legal size only. Beautiful, full color, soft cover - perfect for tossing in your camera bag.

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